Thursday, December 22, 2016

The 2016 Mixtapes Vol.1 & Vol.2

Well, here is 2 mixtapes I made with my favourite tunes from 2016, actually very simple, not a big thing either. I have never been a big fan of David Bowie (he sure was a big personality, but there's plenty of them out there) he sure made a bunch of good songs, and some LP's as well (Station To Station, Young Americans, Low). But, I have never been a big anglophile, and his glam rock thing  is rather boring, and too theatrical in my ears, I prefer the american, african and carribean music. I loved Leonard Cohen as a pondering teenager, but the albums after Various Positions is not my cup of tea at all, sad for his family that he passed away (but don't we all have to go away in the end?). But, on the other side, how many people have lived such a great and rich life as Cohen (or Bowie or Prince)?

Something is very wrong in this world today, and it has been wrong for so long now, I don't understand people's needs of gods and worship in our time (I mean "gods" like Dylan, Springsteen, McCartney, Madonna, Prince, etc). I think it's awful. Maybe I'm just boring. So what. I think we all need real heroes instead of cartoon characters like those Bono's, Bowie's, Dylan's, Sting's and Springsteen's. The world is on fire out there, don't ever forget.

I want to thank you all who suported the blog so far, this will be the final post for this year. See you all in january (I hope). Cheers!

The 2016 Mixtape Vol.1
01. Teen Suicide - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
02. NAO - Get to Know Ya
03. Giggs - The Best (feat. Aystar & Youngs Teflon)
04. MD - Rat Bucks (Original Mix)
05. Fashawn - Cisco's Theme
06. Rich The Kid - Liar Liar (Prod. By Maaly Raw)
07. Ezzy - Never Been Told (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
08. Frank Ocean - Pink + White
09. Beth Hart - Let's Get Together
10. Kaytranada - Together (Feat. Alunageorge & Goldlink)
11. Anderson .Paak - The Bird
12. Parekh & Singh - Me & You
13. Pavo Pavo - Ran Ran Run
14. Solange - Cranes in the Sky
15. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Rings of Saturn
16. Bob Weir - Ghost Towns
17. The Weeknd - Sidewalks (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
18. Blu - Don't Trip
19. Electrocute - Uh-Oh
20. STRFKR - Satellite

01. Steve Gunn - Ancient Jules
02. J Churcher - Borderland State
03. Kid Cudi - Baptized In Fire (feat. Travis Scott)
04. Apollo Brown feat. Patty Crash - One in the Same
05. Parquet Courts - Dust
06. Dustin Tebbutt - I Only Have Good Memories (Of You)
07. ANOHNI - Marrow
08. Little Simz - LMPD (feat. Chronixx)
09. Massive Attack & Azekel - Ritual Spirit (feat. Azekel)
10. Jamila Woods - HEAVN
11. Whitney - Follow
12. M. Ward - Girl From Conejo Valley
13. Angel Olsen - Never Be Mine
14. Basia Bulat - La La Lie
15. Twin River - Antony
16. Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - 808.7
17. STAY - Always Here
18. Wax Tailor - For the Worst (feat. Idil)
19. Smoke DZA feat. Big K.R.I.T., Dom Kennedy & theMIND - Dusk 2 Dusk
20. 6LACK - Gettin' Old


  1. Have a great break, and a groovy new year!

    1. Thank you! I hope you havin' some groovy holidays:-)

  2. Yes, I also would like to wish you a happy Xmas and all the best for 2017.

    1. Thank you! I wish you some happy holidays - see you in 2017.

  3. Totally agree about the "gods" and our reactions when they pass. As humans, our empathy extends to single faces of entertainment yet ignores crowds of poverty and injustice. Also, based on the music you put on here - you should check out Isaiah Rashad's latest album "The Sun's Tirade". Huge fan of the blog, thanks for everything.

    1. You're spot on about the "gods". There's something very sick about it.

      Sounds groovy about Isiah Rashid! Never heard about the record, I will definitely check it out this afternoon. Please feel free in the future to post recomends:-) Thank you for the kind words bout the blog - I'm glad your hangin' in here! Happy holidays.

  4. Hi Aaron, following you since the begining, your blog has been a daily highlight for me this year, just wanted to wish you a happy holiday break and give you a big THANK YOU for your time, efforts and the incredible music you share with us. Stay GRRRRROVY!

  5. Thank you once again Aaron! Frankly I don't follow current trends, so these two are both entertaining and enligntening (though I managed to find some familiar names, like Basia Bulat, Nick Cave, Bob Weir and Massive attack ;)) have some great winter holidays and keep the 2017 groovy!

  6. God Jul og et groovy new year.
    Thanks for the great music you put on here.

  7. Hi arron.thanks for this.looks very interesting.thanks for all the great music you have shared with us.hope u have a great and happy christmas and all the best for a great new year.

  8. Happy Holidays Aaron! Happy New Year.

    Thanks for all the many many GROOVY things you bring us.

    respectfully yours, bilbo

  9. Have a great holiday season Aaron! Thank you for everything.

  10. Thank you and Happy New Year, Aaron. I have no idea who most of these artists are and although I have heard of some of the names I've never listened to the music. But you have never steered me wrong. That's why you have your own folder on my computer and I know that whatever it is that you share it will always be interesting.
    I'm hoping that we do see your return after the new year. Your blog is much respected.

  11. Great words, great blog!
    Thank you, and have a great years!!!

  12. Just got back to the computer after several weeks away and I want to thank you for your awesome blog shares.
    I totally agree with your comments. It's all bread & circus (w/o the bread), to keep us distracted from the world's rising fascism and militarism, brought to you by the world's elite.
    The real heroes are all of us who work to help our fellow sisters & brothers Against oppression and For our common humanity.
    Naturally, we need the groovy soundtrack to keep the good work going.
    Sí se puede!