Friday, February 10, 2017

VA - Hot Shots Of Reggae 1975

This is a mixtape I made with jamaican reggae (and/or ska, rocksteady) from the year of 1975. This was not a try to do a complete or fair overview of the 1968 Jamaican music scene, it was just a try to do a swinging mixtape you can groove to - no more remarkable than that. Do the reggae!

01. Upsetters - Lizard Stick 
02. The Starlights (ft. Stanley Beckford) - Soldering 
03. Iron & The Tritters - Dread A Dread 
04. Errol Alphonso - Chant Jah Victory 
05. Bobby Kalphat - Counter Punch
06. Alton Ellis - Son Of Man
07. Susan Cadogan - Congratulations 
08. Morvin Brooks - Wire Waist Gal 
09. The Abbysinians - Love Comes And Goes
10. Soul  Foundation - Play Girl 
11. Bonnie Gayle - I Can't Change My Skin
12. Marcie Sampson - Everyday You Give
13. Milton Bull - My Baby Is Gone
14. Lloyd Clarke Sparrow - Hell & Heaven
15. Michael Anthony - Jah Jah Dread 
16. Lyn Moore & Lyn - You Don't Know 
17. Lloyd Young - Stand Up Ethiopians
18. Monty & The Shocking Heights - Love I 
19. The Admirals  - Natty Should Be Free
20. King Burnett - I Man Free 


  1. Yeah! On a MAJOR jamaican music kick this whole year (so far), so this comes very handy for the weekend, thanks!

  2. Always up for some Reggae. Thanks!

  3. I just discover your blog today... It looks fantastic !
    I think I have honey for my ears for a long long time...
    A very big thank you !

  4. 'Bobby Kalphat - Counter Punch' is the greatest jamaican 7" of all time... or is it just me???
    Nice one!


  5. ... and it's from 1974 (nitpickin' there!)


    1. Damned!!! ;-) Those jamaicans and YEARS :-D

  6. Another reggae mixtape? Oh yes, please!
    Thank you.