Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Heliocentrics "A World Of Masks" 2017

The London orchestra The Heliocentrics is based around the producer and drummer Malcom Catto, and they have released albums, toured and been involved in different projects since 2006. The group has a very unique sound and mix of spirutual and spacey jazz, funk, electronics, psychedelica and afro. Their new album A World Of Masks is a hell of a ride, and very groovy. Support the band HERE, and the label Soundway who are releasing this album on cd and vinyl in may.



  1. Unusual, Aaron. And decidedly different. Thanks.

  2. Many thanks Aaron.

  3. Awesome group, thanks for introducing me to them. I just found 2 other albums, one with Lloyd Miller and the other with Mulatu Astake. Have you any other albums to share from them?
    Many thanks for your unique blog!

  4. Love this group, do you have any other albums to share? Thanks