Sunday, May 21, 2017

Jr. Thomas & The Volcanos "Beware" 2015

Jr. Thomas & The Volcanos are a rock steady/reagge group from Los Angeles, Beware is their first and only album so far. It's very hard to realize that this album was recorded just two years ago, it sounds like it was recorded in Kingston by jamaican dudes in the mid 70s, so vintage and so retro production (we like!). And, musically this is some kind of early 70s reggae and late 60s rock steady, groovy organs, moody horns, lovely rhythm section, and the singer just blow me away (so the backing vocalists do). Support the band here, and support Truth & Soul Records here. This is a time machine for sure. Groovy!


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  1. These guys are supremely groovy in a rocksteady way. What a gem. Love it, thanks!