Monday, May 8, 2017

Ramon Morris "Sweet Sister Funk" 1974

Very little is known about the american tenor saxophonist (almost nothing) Ramon Morris. In the early 70s he played on records with Art Blakey, Woody Shaw, Reuben Wilson and Curtis Fuller. In 1974 he released Sweet Sister Funk for Groove Merchant Records, he's only album, and after he went into mystery? This jazz gem is definitely one of the grooviest and coolest soul-jazz/jazz-funk albums from the first half of th e70s. Groovy!



  1. Firstly I adore your blog, especially the mixtapes.I went into the 1969 UK In Sound with some trepidation, but thoroughly enjoyed it.
    I saw that some time back you put up a link for Ray Rivamonde Birthj of the Sun. Is there any chance you could re up that link??

  2. Great version of "People make the world go around"!! Is this the 2003 Japanese CD?? Sounds richer than the vinal rip I had...thanks!! Any chance I could make a couple requests that I'm having a bitch of a time locating?? They would fit RIGHT in with what you are groovin' here!!

    Phil Moore Jr - Right On 1969 ATCO
    Clifford Coulter - Do It Now! 1972 Impulse