Tuesday, May 23, 2017

VA - I'm There 2 (More Groovy Sounds Of Bob Dylan 1968-1970)

Here is a 2nd mixtape I made with cover versions of Bob Dylan songs recorded 1968-1970. This was not a try to do a "best of" zimmerman-covers, not even from the those specific years, and many artists and versions/songs are missing from the period. We all love Roger McGuinn and The Byrds don't we? This was just meant to be a groovy mixtape to fill your head with, and it was pretty fun to put this together. Hope some of you dig it.

01. Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger And The Trinity ‎- I Am A Lonesome Hobo (1968)
02. Family Dogg - Love Minus Zero (1969)
03. Johnny Jenkins - Down Along The Cove (1970)
04. Billy Preston - She Belongs To Me (1969)
05. Deena Webster - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (1968)
06. Lynn Blessing - Country Pie (1969)
07. Nannie Porres - It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) (1969)
08. Hugo Montenegro - Mr Tambourine Man (1970)
09. John Braden - I Want You (1968)
10. Phluph - It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (1968)
11. Southwind - You Been On My Mind (1968)
12. Al Kooper - Went To See The Gypsy (1969)
13. Joe Cocker - Dear Landlord (1969)
14. Earl Scruggs - Nashville Skyline Rag (1970)
15. Brewer Shipley - All Along The Watchtower (1970)
16. Taj Mahal - I Pity The Poor Immigrant (1969)
17. The Faces - Wicked Messenger (1970)
18. Raymond Froggatt - Corrina Corrina (1968)
19. Candymen - The Memphis Blues Again (1968)
20. The Serfs - Like A Rolling Stone (1969)



  1. Thanks very much Aaron! Just like last time most of these are unfamiliar to me.

  2. Thanks Aaron for this comp. I love your disclaimers that say "this is not a try to do a complete or a best of." It totally makes sense and takes you off the hook. Very smart.

    1. Thank you Gyro! I happy you see it that way:-)

  3. thank you very much... really good job ! I'm waiting for the volume 3 !!!

    1. Thanks for your kind words - I will put out volume 3 at the end of this month:-) Cheers!

  4. His Royal Bobness himself appears on this mix. Sweet!!!