Thursday, July 13, 2017

Joakim Åhlund & Jockum Nordström "Hunden & Paddan" 2012

Hunden & Paddan is a instrumental studio project by the Swedish duo Joakim Åhlund & Jockum Nordström - both dudes are very famous in Sweden (musicians, producers and artists ). This album from 2012 was self released on vinyl only (very limited). Musically it sounds like the Jon Spencer & The Blues Explosion made a vintage sounded and psychedelic album with middle eastern influences crossed with blues, rock, folk/jazz and funk, produced by Tom Waits. It's a very groovy (and part trippy) album, in my opinion a sadly overlooked album.



  1. Thank you Aaron! You've made me curious about this one.

  2. Just discover that really cool blog!! Thanks!!!