Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Shabaka And The Ancestors ‎"Wisdom Of Elders" 2016

Sax player Shabaka Hutchings was born in London 1984, his parents were natives from Barbados. Wisdon Of Elders was recorded in South Africa in one day, and started as a tribute to the former Cape Town jazz scene back in the late 70s - with the classic Nguni rhtythms. Musically it's some kind of hymn, or even a psalm to the era when jazz was part of the freedom fight. It's a very spiritual and moody album, a very structural but also full om improvisation. The eight piece group has a lot of horns and diverse percussion. This is a true adventure.



  1. yeah, thanx very much !
    ...more spiritual groove for me....

    Peace & Love from Italy

  2. Thanks for this listen . . . very fine!

  3. New to your site - what a great start.
    thank you